Genius Design is the brain child of leading industrial furniture designer Ronnie Lewin BA(hons) who in 2005 set up a creative multi-disciplinary design practice specialising in the production of leading edge high quality bespoke contemporary furniture and complimentary interiors.

It is my mission to challenge and question everything around me within our built environment and ask the question - does it work well?

I aim to be progressive in my thinking and strive for best practice within all of my furniture projects. It is my passion to set new high standards in quality, design and manufacture. I innovative ideas and do not simply follow them.

My furniture projects are visually fresh and offer my clients the perfect balance between form and function in equal high measure. My thinking extends right inside my clients minds always putting them and their individual needs at the absolute centre of my design and production efforts.

Core to my ethos is the development of new products through experimenting with new materials and unique processes giving you far more choice and individuality.

Developing lasting high quality relationships with clients on both a personal and individual basis guarantees that my furniture is 100% suited to your exact individual requirements and ever evolving often demanding interior spaces.

My Clients are typically divided in to two categories - professional specifiers such as general businesses, Architects, Interior Designers and private residential clients who require quality bespoke design and good quality finish levels.

Using the service is a simple and is usually stimulated by a specific design requirement enquiry from you the client. An informal conversation is freely given in order to supply you with all of the information that you will require, helping to add confidence and assist you in your decision making from concept through to completion.