Genius Design is the brain child of furniture designer Ronnie Lewin BA (hons) Dip, my concept was born of a simple ethos...

“Be part of what’s best about the world”

After graduating from college with a design Diploma and then Nottingham Trent University with a Furniture and Industrial Product Design Degree in 1994, I decided to set up a design business producing high quality, fresh clean lined, highly functional contemporary furniture. This was due to the fact that I felt that the U.K furniture design and manufacture market seemed to lack an interesting offer or anything much of interest in terms of creative home or business space furniture design.

The business was founded in Sheffield in 2005 at that time located in a garage with a grand rental cost of £3.80p per week. Since then the business has grown substantially and relocated several times into much larger premises. I am now situated in a quaintly unique old workshop space under the umbrella banner "Design Base" a creative hub for collaboration in the Sheffield creative design scene.

Gandhi once said, “be the change that you want to see in the world”

I passionately strive to achieve far more than furniture manufacture and the usual raw sales, but fundamentally instead to be a positive force through furniture and interior design, to make our environmental spaces far better places for us all to live, work and play.

Low impact design is the production model to which I work, and of course it is also far better for the environmental sustainability of our planet – not mass production but lean manufacture, efficient design producing small to medium sized batches high of quality furniture, built to be retained and not quickly disposed of with the next fickle trend or change in furniture fashion.

WHY? Because the designs I create are done so with a full understanding of environment, lovability, eye appeal, high functionality and classic modern styling. These qualities I believe intrinsically add longevity and collectability into my furniture. Key to reinforcing these unique furniture qualities is the process of being critically selective in my balance of applied design, craft, technology, material choices, and the selection of superior finish levels that I typically employ within the design and manufacture of my furniture.

Good design should always challenge the status quo, What do we have now? Is it good enough? Can it be made better? The answers to these questions regularly give me new inspiration to improve on my next project. Good design is also about knowing what NOT to do! Just as importantly as knowing what to do!

Seeing the world through your eyes is a key part of the Genius philosophy, simply because if I cannot understand the world as you see it – then I cannot offer the you perfect solution.

I believe that my furniture, the aspiration of you the client and your interior must work together in perfect harmony and by taking this approach I strive to provide outstanding solutions that to date, bestow my clients with a complete sense of calm and satisfaction.

The Genius Design vision is so much more than high quality furniture, simply put, it is a whole philosophy and a way of life, embracing many sophisticated cross cutting elements harmoniously working together; and through active research and partnership collaboration across many diverse areas including - social regeneration, architecture, design history, town planning, new technology, universities, art & design history, city regeneration, interior design and fully embracing the values of Corporate Social Responsibility - Genius Design can offer you maximum advice and scope to compliment the most complex type of customer requirements.

Community - I firmly believe that business should be diverse in it’s knowledge of the communities in which they operate and give something back to those communities. This thinking helps to create more opportunity everywhere – from this I believe that we all benefit as one whole community.
I take a whole city approach to this within Sheffield, that is why I regularly work within some of the most economically deprived neighbourhoods in the city to help to inspire and open up opportunity based on talent, not on birth rights or ingrained inequality.

In this profession I am fortunate enough rub shoulders with many wealthy people, however I also make it my purpose to also see life from the other end of the scale, through understanding that not all people see life as equal.

I take a whole community approach by keeping an eye on international, national, regional, citywide and neighbourhood level, regarding how business and community can interact to make all of our lives more improved and fairer.

Tangible evidence of this would be projects in which I have been recently involved with within the Burngreave area of Sheffield, which was formally one of the most culturally rich, but, economically deprived areas within the U.K.

Burngreave community regeneration has a simple philosophy of helping communities facing multiple-deprivation to help themselves close the gap between their area, and the rest of the city average, in health, education, employment and the physical environment.
This lead others and myself to being involved in the setting up of study & breakfast clubs for some of the poorest children within the city of Sheffield and also to contribute in collaboration with local people toward the refurbishment of two key local community buildings which will bring new talent unlocking benefits to this community long into the future.

Architects Bond Brian were key in the full refurbishment of Sorby House, totalling 5 million pounds of investment, and architects Allen Todd Partnership were commissioned to refurbish Vestry Hall, an historic 18th century Jacobean grade1 listed building, at a total cost of around 3.5 million pounds.

These buildings do not conform to the usual bland stock budget community buildings, but they are iconic and ground breaking each in their own right. Complete with high specification design-led interiors incorporating the latest I.T technology, these buildings have beautiful well lit interior spaces for community events and new accelerated business start-up and new learning opportunities. The buildings stand as prime examples in new standards of excellence for local community structures, demonstrating what can be achieved with a little fresh vision and a firm understanding of people… how they live now…. and how they wish to live in the future..